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Batch CL. Schwarzwald, Friday May 29, 2020 NO. 47
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Join our Distillery Tour!

We do have a couple of ground rules, mind you. First of all, we operate "by appointment only". Second, to ensure you have a great experience visiting the distillery at the Schaberhof, we’ve set the maximum tour group size to 25 people. So it’s a case of first come, first served – the early monkey gets the banana.  Please note that, in the interest of everyone, we will turn away visitors without a valid invitation.

The Distillery Shop is only open for guests of our public distillery tours! You have to book your tickets in advance.
Der Destillerie Shop ist nur für Gäste unserer öffentlichen Führungen zugänglich und nur während diesen Zeiten offen. Tickets für die Führungen müssen vor der Tour online gekauft werden!

What you get

  • the guided tour takes approximately 2 hours.
  • Admission charge includes 2 Monkey Tonics, a discount voucher redeemable in our distillery shop, as well as the opportunity to taste our Schwarzwald Dry Gin and our Sloe Gin.
Zum Wilden Affen

For some time now, Monkey 47 has been produced in the Black Forest at a distillery dubbed “Zum Wilden Affen”. This facility is located at the Schaberhof just south of Lossburg, near the former site of a village called Vogelsberg that first appears in the annals of history around the year 1297. Same same, but different: Having achieved a fine balance of artisanal tradition and Black Forest ingenuity, Black Forest Distillers continue to craft Monkey 47 following the same historic recipe as always – just in new environs. For this purpose, the company worked with the Markdorf-based coppersmith Arnold Holstein for more than two years on designing and manufacturing a one-of-akind distilling operation. Assembled solely by hand using time-honoured methods and qualitative specifications based on extensive, shall we say, testing, the Apparatus Alembicus Maximus represents the beating heart of the “Zum Wilden Affen” distillery.

Wonderful Spielregeln

  • Ticket is non-refundable
  • Please arrange to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the guided journey thorugh the Wild Monkey Distillery.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old.
  • Pets are not allowed at the distillery.
  • Please respect the natural habitat of our animals - keep out of the enclosure & keep in mind that feeding is prohibited.

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