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Batch XCVI. Schwarzwald, Sunday April 05, 2020 NO. 47
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Where the whittling is done

Ernst Karle is preserving one of the Black Forest’s most important traditions. Join us for a story about the last shingle maker in the region.

© Monkey 47

The journey is an arduous one. Slowly, our car’s plaintive-sounding motor fights its way up the steep and narrow road. Buttercups, dandelions, and poppies bloom off to the side, and lime-green butterflies flutter about in the warm summer air. Suddenly, our driver steps on the brake – hard – just before a hairpin turn. The passenger in the front seat instinctively grabs for the handle above the window. After we nearly scrape...

Erhard von Umtrieb

A lonely house called the Wild Monkey Inn - and its Wunschmaschine

© Jochen Hirschfeld

Who wouldn't like a machine that grants wishes? Herr Taschenbier certainly did for the Sams in Paul Maar's series of children's books, and we can hardly blame him. Recently, we were lucky enough to fulfil this persistent desire and can now call ourselves the proud owners of a custom-designed Wunschmaschine. Indulging us in this flight of fancy was Erhard von Umtrieb, a member of the Germany Steampunk Society's Rauchersalon ("...

Tales from the Black Forest - The Star Village

One Fairytale, Eight Stars, and 240 Finkbeiners - Baiersbronn

© Monkey 47

Gourmets are familiar with the name Baiersbronn. Two large establishments - the Traube in Tonbach and the Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn-Mitteltal - have three Michelin stars each. In the district of Schwarzenberg, there is another chef with two stars at the Hotel Sackmann. So Baiersbronn can truly be referred to as the "Star Village." So it comes as no surprise to see just how many luxury cars there ...

Mark Braun - Profile

The Becher

© Mark Braun

To paraphrase the words of Roman satirical poet Juvenal, it's important to have a healthy mind, or spirit, in a healthy body: Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano. Following this mantra as best we can, we've also developed a fitting body for our spirit, in collaboration with with Mark Braun Studio. Founded in Berlin in 2006 by Mark Braun, the design studio provides high-quality products in design, furniture ...

Tales from the Black Forest - The Astronomical Clock in Schramberg

If you can’t immediately read the time on the Schramberg town hall clock, this isn’t necessarily due to an overindulgence of Monkey 47. A quick glance at the astronomical clock tends to cause confusion. Instead of two hands, it has three, there is a revolving disc with the signs of the zodiac, and what looks really strange is that the clock face does not display the hours from 1 to 12 but t...

Tales from the Black Forest - Floating Villages

© Flößerzunft Oberes Nagoldtal

Dusky woodlands, lush green meadows, deep-blue sky, and a traditional farmstead: Monkey 47 is made with plenty of loving care right here in the Black Forest before be-ing shipped out to the entire world. There was a time, however, when the region's landscape was far more dominated by the expansive forests that gave it its name. Lumber was one of the most important local resources, of course, and it was a ...

When Monkeys Grow Up...

Our "godson", Willy, and Dr. Jane Goodall

© Fernando Turmo / Jane Goodall Institut

Do you remember when we announced our guardianship of Willy right here on our homepage? For three years now, we've been the proud guardians of this young chimpanzee, who has been living at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of the Congo since 2014. The facility, which seeks to protect orphaned chimpanzees, was founded in 1992 by the famous primatologist, environmentalist, and UN Messenger of Peace Dr. Jane Goodall. The ...

7 reasons why you'll love the Black Forest

© Bernd Kammerer

I. These days, you often hear about people looking to slow things down, but this is a place where you actually can. Pay us a visit and you’ll see! II. One of the latest trends claims that hugging trees is great for the soul, and trees aren’t exactly in short supply around these parts. III. For the refined sweet tooth, there’s nothing quite like the combination of chocol...

Tales from the Black Forest - A Sled to Help with the Heating


Anybody who sits in front of his fire these days, savoring a fine drop of Monkey 47 and gazing into the warm glow has probably had his wood delivered to the front door or bought it at the local hardware store. But more and more people are discovering the joy of procuring their own firewood. For local communities, it is an opportunity to make use of their woodlands, and the cozy ...

Tales from the Black Forest - the Radio-controlled Clock

The Most Accurate and Tastiest Clock in the World

The brown pharmacy bottle with its monkey label not only provides a home for Monkey 47 but can also be used as an accurate timepiece. For gin and tonic with 4 deciliters of Monkey 47, the 0.5-liter bottle holds exactly 12.5 delicious long drinks. If we assume 30 minutes in which to delight in its pleasures, after six hours, there is only enough gin left in the bottle for a weak mixture. Of course, you st...

Tales from the Black Forest - A Clean Tradition


© Monkey 47

“The third time, it becomes a tradition” is a saying in the Black Forest. In other words, if something new has twice proved successful, it becomes an integral part of the local culture. This enables inhabitants of the Black Forest to quickly assimilate innovations. Consequently, the Black Forest dry gin Monkey 47 is not a contradiction but an innovative, traditional drink with a Black Forest element. Of course, particularly well-known traditions have...

Woman of the country

© Monkey 47

Deep in the Black Forest, Cornelia Reich produces organic cheese ­using milk from grass-fed cows. While the local scenery could definitely be described as bucolic, her chosen craft is hard work that requires dedication and a willingness to compromise. Loßburg – 24 Höfe, County Freudenstadt. In surroundings like these, you can’t help but think that this must be how Americans picture Germany: lush greens and azure blues like something out of ...

Tales from the Black Forest - Buffalo Safari in the Black Forest

If you really think about it, Monkey and bison have quite a lot in common. You give both of them care and affection and plenty of time to mature, they don't like to stand in a corner, unappreciated, and they're indigenous to the Black Forest. Monkey 47 has brought a new "animal species" to the Black Forest, which is enjoying increasing popularity among connoisseurs of fine spirits. A cute ...

Tales from the Black Forest - The Barbarastollen

Cerebral Convolutions on Celluloid

What do the Vatican, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and Oberried have in common? All three are the only places in Europe under the special protection of the Hague Convention in the event of armed conflicts – effectively the younger sister of the Geneva Convention. Many would seem perplexed by the mention of Oberried. A community with 2,800 residents in the Dreisamtal valley under special protection? Yes. Oberried has more to offer than ma...

Tales from the Black Forest - The Rose Village

Ideas Are Essential – Weilheim-Nöggenschwiel

The residents of a small, remote village on the plateau of the Hotzenwald forest had a clever idea for increasing the number of tourists that came to visit. In 1968, they brought the first 8,000 roses to Nöggenschwiel. It is now estimated that there are over 20,000 rose plants. The center of the village soon ran out of space, so the residents of Nöggenschwiel came up with a new ...

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