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Batch CXLII. Schwarzwald, Tuesday May 22, 2018 NO. 47
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Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood Hotel

The personal art gallery of Gerald Scarfe

For us, big, heavy furniture; lots of mahogany; leather-bound books; columns of polished marble; and the soft light of a flickering fireplace bring to mind the unique atmosphere of a dignified home library or a traditional gentleman's club. You too? Then be sure to check out Scarfes Bar, which you'll find at London's Rosewood Hotel. It takes its name (and the decorations on its walls) from the British artist and ...

A Familiar Stranger in Gothenburg

The Spirits Bureau

Stranger Bar

Strangers in the night have been the subject of songs at least since Frank Sinatra’s famous tribute in 1966. Whether or not the Stranger bar in Gothenburg (Sweden) has played a significant role in this lore is lost to the mists of time, but newcomers to the establishment do often become “lovers at first sight”. Martin Alexandersson and his team have mastered the art of not only treating their guests to exc...

The Other Room

Ring the Doorbell

If you are planning a sojourn in Singapore any time soon, we strongly recommend that you visit our good friend Dario Knox, a member of the National Mixographic Society. Just ring the doorbell on the solid, dark door in the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and slip into the legendary bar known as The Other Room. In its dark, mysterious atmosphere, which is reminiscent of the Prohibition era, guests are quickly ...

Zum Schwarzen Kameel

The Kameel and the Monkey – a perfect Viennese Melange

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? We are convinced that the answer is a resounding yes! For example, when a certain little Monkey met a “Black Kameel” for the first time and realized that he wanted to stay at “Zum Schwarzen Kameel” forever. But first things first. The Monkey is a Black Forest gin and “Zum Schwarzen Kameel” is the ideal place for all connoisseurs and would-be con...

Burnt Ends in Singapore

Playing with Fire

Whoever associates a barbecue with fatty sausages and stringy pork neck is in for a sizzling surprise at Andre Chiang's Burnt Ends restaurant in the heart of Singapore. This is where head chef Dave Pynt pursues his passion for playing with fire. The modern yet traditional eatery is dominated by a custom-built, large, heavy oven, in which the culinary magic happens. Smoking, slow roasting, hot roasting, baking, grilling and cooking ...

Schwäbisch Confidential

The Swabian Classics - Linsen & Spätzle

The kitchen is "the best place in the world" according to 44-year-old Rainer Klutsch, who discovered his passion for cooking as a child. "I picked up a lot just watching my mum or nan all the time when they would cook," he explains. After taking a brief detour through a stint as a law student and an insurance salesman in training, Rainer (then in his late ...

Nautoscopio Arte

La dolce vita in Sicily!

If you are looking for a real insider’s tip in Palermo on the beautiful island of Sicily, head to the edge of the port. Here, the Nautoscopio shipping containers open their doors from spring to autumn, providing an ideal spot in which to savour an infamous Italian aperitif and some Sicilian street food, while chilling out to lounge music. The house special – a freshly stirred Negroni served up by the ...

Door 74

Roaring Twenties meets Speakeasy

Door 74

For nearly nine years now, manager Timo Janse and his team at Door 74 – the Netherlands’ first speakeasy-style cocktail bar – have been conjuring up wondrous creations at the highest level of their chosen art. Hearkening back to the 1920s, their location's cosy, dimly lit ambience invites regulars to kick back and relax, especially with a Monkey Brumble in hand. Door 74 is the type of place where anything can happen after hours, as our...


Oh de Cologne

© Volker Seibert

Recently voted amongst the world’s top ten in the “Best New International Cocktail Bar” category at the Tales of the Cocktail® awards in New Orleans (the Oscars of the international bar industry), and he’s already made it onto our homepage. For Volker Seibert and his team, the reasons to celebrate just keep on coming. Seibert, a visionary taste creator, conceived the ideal location for this himself over a year ago ...

L’Aiglon, Singapore

Monkey in an Eagle’s Nest

The name L’Aiglon dates back to the long-awaited heir to Napoléon’s throne, Napoléon Bonaparte, who also became known as “The Eaglet” (L’Aiglon). The L’Aiglon bar in central Singapore has little that resembles an eagle’s nest. Its ambience is more a blend of Parisian chic with Asian flair and it has countless stories to tell. ...


Enchanting nights in Kyoto


Christophe Rossi, owner of the L’Escamoteur bar in Kyoto (and a good friend of the Monkey), is what you’d call one-of-a-kind. Whether through his appearance, his penchant for magic and sleight-of-hand, or simply his manner of being, he has a knack for casting a spell on just about anyone. This unique blend of traits is exactly what you’ll find at his bar, as well. Christophe describes his pride ...


47 meets 33

© Boutiq'Bar

Zoltan Nagy, a member of the National Mixographic Society, is known not merely for his outstanding negronis, but also for the cocktail artistry he continues to put on display as manager of Budapest's legendary Boutiq’Bar. There, he has stayed true to his credo that a good bar should only offer excellent drinks. We couldn’t agree more. One of his own personal creations, dubbed simply “33”, really caught our interest: It's Mon...

Die Halbestadt

Falco, Punschkrapfen and the Prater – you’re thinking of Vienna, right?

Good, because in future, Austria’s capital city should also make you think of Die Halbestadt: a jewel in the crown of Vienna’s bar culture, situated at the heart of the historical Gürtelbögen district constructed by Otto Wagner. Erich Wassicek (known as one of Austria’s best bartenders) and his partner Konny Wunder are not only an institution in their own right ...

Misses Jones and Her Monkey

Yusufix and the magic potion

We find ourselves in the year 2015 AD. All of Gaul is occupied by the Romans... All of it? No! A bar and club village inhabited by defiant Gauls continues to resist the invader’s advances. And life isn’t easy for the Black Forest legionaries, whose duty it is to propagate the magic potion known as Monkey 47. The village’s leader, Yusuf, who provides all entertainment in the Stutengarten settlement, swears...

Janes & Hooch

A Modern Take On A Vintage Dive Bar

Janes & Hooch is a modern take on a vintage dive bar in the heart of Sanlitun's factory district of Beijing. Coming from two opposite sides of Australia, Warren Pang, Perth (The Opposite House, d. lounge) and Milan Sekulic, Melbourne (The Opposite House, East, Cakeshop Consulting) are in fact Bejing’s undisputed f&b kings, having created two of the most successful bars ever to grace Beijing city. Their ne...

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