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Batch XVII. Schwarzwald, Monday January 17, 2022 NO. 47
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Schwäbisch Confidential


© Monkey 47

Ingredients (serves four) For the batter 500 g flour 1/3 l beer Pinch of salt 30 g sugar 3 Tbsp. vegetable oil 4 egg whites 1/3 l vegetable oil 5 crisp sour apples Preparation To make the batter, stir all the ingredients together. Peel and core the apples, then cut them into rings. Heat the rest of the oil in a deep pan. Dip the apple rings in the batter, place them in the pan, and cook ...

Welcome to the Union Square Cafe in downtown NYC

A restaurant with plenty of stories to tell

© Monkey 47

Around three years ago, the new Union Square Cafe began welcoming in guests not far from the spot where Danny Meyer opened his first restaurant in 1985. At the corner of 19th Street and Park Avenue, regulars and first-time visitors alike can still find what gave the place its sterling reputation, namely outstanding food and drinks. The restaurant, with its high ceiling and forest-green panelling, is decorated with a great many ...

Once upon a time in South Africa

Memories of the Monkey 47 Pop-Up Shop in Cape Town

© Monkey 47

It’s time we talked – or raved, rather – about Cape Town and its surroundings, which is one of the new homes of Monkey 47. It doesn’t take long to figure out why this city is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Its location on the Cape of Good Hope, multicultural flair, and nearby vineyards certainly do make for a unique combination. And let’s not forget about the buoyant ligh...

Schwäbisch Confidential


© Monkey 47

Indescribably light and fluffy, Pfitzauf is a type of soufflé with a Swabian twist. It’s the queen of the region’s desserts! Ingredients Serves four 3 eggs 1 tbsp. icing sugar 80 g butter 125 g flour Pinch of salt 250 ml milk More icing sugar (for garnishing) Preparation Step one First, preheat the oven to 220°C. In the meantime, you can start on the batter. Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl, add the icing su...

Schwäbisch Confidential

The Swabian Classics - Gaisburger Marsch

© Monkey 47

Having learned from Rainer Klutsch that there’s no better place in the world than the kitchen, this was where we decided to meet once again for this issue. We were hoping the impassioned chef would grant us some even deeper insights into the Swabian culinary arts. Sure enough, Rainer set the “kitchen on fire” as we tried our hand at some more specialities from our southwest German homeland. Gaisburger Marsch...

Schwäbisch Confidential


© Monkey 47

En buntes Gschmisch an Hergottsbscheißerle. Or, for all those who don’t come from Schwabenland: variations on the Maultasche! One of the most beloved Swabian specialities, Maultaschen are a product of the season of Lent – that’s when many Christians follow the tradition of eschewing meat from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Our ever-inventive countrymen and -women thus decided to put one over on the man upstairs to get their p...

Schwäbisch Confidential


© Monkey 47

This fluffy delight is an all-time favourite for a reason. The only remaining question is whether to eat it with or without butter… Ingredients for approx. 20 slices 250 ml milk 20 g fresh yeast 75 g sugar 1 egg 1.5 tsp. sea salt 500 g flour 75 g soft butter Raisins (optional) Preparation Step I Heat the milk until luke¬warm. Crumble the yeast into a bowl and stir it with a bit of the milk and the...

Schwäbisch Confidential


© Monkey 47

Typically served with potato salad – a southern German staple and source of many heated discussions about the ideal recipe Ingredients (serves four) For the Fleischküchle 1 day-old bread roll, torn into crumbs 250 ml milk 1 onion 1/2 clove of garlic 500 g mince (half beef, half pork) 1 tsp. spicy mustard 1 egg 1/2 bunch of parsley 2 stems of thyme Salt, pepper 2 Tbsp. butter 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil For the potato salad 1 kg waxy potatoes 2 small, mild Spa...

Hunky Dory

Oh la la

© Hunky Dory

Here's a place that truly lives up to its name: When you’re being served by Armin Azadpour and his team in Frankfurt, it’s hard to think of a single thing that isn't just as it should be. Outstanding cocktail artistry, a lovely atmosphere, the kindest hosts you can imagine – the essentials are all here. On the shelves at Hunky Dory, you’ll find a colourful collection of souvenirs and othe...

Monkey Bar

Monkeying around in New York

© Monkey 47

The legendary Monkey Bar originally opened its doors on the ground floor of the Hotel Elysée in Midtown after Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Since its reopening in 2009, the spirit of long bygone days has continued to permeate the place: Gentlemen once met here to close major deals, the American actress Tallulah Bankhead made the Monkey Bar more or less her living room during her stays in New York, and t...


Celebrate in Chinatown (New York)

© Monkey 47

Welcome to Peachy’s – No Photos, No Fighting. The message conveyed by the neon sign above the door seems reasonable enough, and we did our best to act accordingly during our last visit – except for the part about photos, of course. This bar is just too remarkable not to be captured on film for everyone else to see. It’s probably the combination of sophistication and attention to detail that immediat...

NoMad New York

Stop and linger a while, wanderer...

© Monkey 47

To have the fortune of staying at NoMad New York is to be spoiled for choice. Or you could just give yourself enough time to savour its various bars, fireplace, atrium, and library! Every last part of the hotel invites you to while away the hours – ideally in the company of a Monkey and Tonic, of course. Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, let's start at the beginning. The No...

Vienna Calling

Today’s entry: the Josef Cocktail Bar

© Josef Bar

Near the centre of Vienna, the Josef Cocktail Bar serves up innovative, contemporary creations and fine spirits in a Baroque atmosphere synonymous with the Austrian capital. It's not all powdered wigs and harpsichords, however; this locale's décor also includes many appointments Andrea Hörzer and Philipp M. Ernst inherited from their grandfathers. As you may have already guessed, the forebears of the bar's two owners were also how it go...

Dead Rabbit

From gang wars to outstanding cocktails

© Monkey 47

To hear them tell it, when Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon set out for the land of opportunity – New York, to be exact – they had stardust in their eyes and little more than a rucksack full of dreams. Just six years later, they made their primary aspiration come true in bringing the Dead Rabbit to life. This bar, which has garnered numerous awards and accolades (including as the World's Best Bar ...

Arthur Orlans

Haute Monkey couture

© Arthur Orlans

Welcome to the wunderbar Arthur Orlans in Brussels! This is actually less an insider tip than it is a heartfelt plea: Get yourself to Belgium and pay this extraordinary locale a visit! We promise you'll be astonished as well. With plenty of attention to detail, Francesco Ravo and his team have turned an old-fashioned house into a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar. It's both traditional and tailor-made (so to speak), and the ...

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