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Batch CCLXVIII. Schwarzwald, Tuesday September 26, 2017 NO. 47
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Allspice - Pimenta Dioica

A plant from the New World

Allspice refers to the berries of the evergreen pimenta dioica tree, a type of plant of the myrtle family, and is native to a group of islands in the Caribbean called the Antilles. This explains why allspice is also commonly called "Jamaica pepper". Discovered by the same explorer who founded America, the spice can be regarded as a plant from the New World. The discoverer in question was, by the way, Christopher Columbus, although the rumour persists that the forefather of Monkey 47, Montgomery Collins, also came across the intensive pimenta dioica on one of his many Jamaica trips and brought it back to the Black Forest to add a distinct flavour to his well-known recipe. This recipe uses the dark brown, wrinkly grains that are harvested unripe so as to preserve the essential oils and are later dried. The main component of the oil is eugenol oil, which is used in the perfume industry because of its spicy scent, particularly the clove aroma and oriental fragrance. The rich aroma of the berries smells like a combination of several spices, including pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, giving it the name allspice. The taste is also reassuringly reminiscent of grandma's Christmas pudding.

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