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Mint - Mentha

Soothing to the stomach

Hailing from the Lamiaceae family, virtually all types of mint thrive in the humid climes of the northern hemisphere’s temperate regions. These aromatic, herbaceous perennials produce subterranean runners or rhizomes and typically feature simple or branched trichomes. Their leaves grow opposite to one another and are serrated around the edge. While botanists differentiate between numerous types of mint, those most commonly found in domestic herb gardens and include peppermint, Moroccan mint, and nana mint. The mere mention of the plant’s lush green leaves is enough to send its unmistakable scent wafting into one’s nose. Infusions of fresh or dried mint are used to unlock its curative properties and alleviate an array of ailments (or simply to enjoy its flavour). Mint can work miracles, particularly for those contending with digestive issues. Thanks to its high menthol content, it can also be used as an inhalant in dealing with respiratory illnesses. In fact, legend has it that at the first sign of a cold, the Monkey’s original minder – Montgomery Collins – went mint-picking in his home garden in order to make a soothing extraction. Just remember to wait until your plants are about to flower before harvesting your own!

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