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Batch CCLXVIII. Schwarzwald, Tuesday September 26, 2017 NO. 47
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Honey Pomelo - Pomelo

The tangy citrus fruit and the Monkey

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of sweet and bitter, keep reading. A cross between the pomelo and the grapefruit, the honey pomelo combines both distinctive flavors. Though native to Asia, it first entered the market in Israel in the 70s as the result of a backcross, which is also how it came to Germany. The evergreen tree grows up to 15 meters tall and thrives in a warm, frost-free climate. The roughly soccer ball-sized fruit is slightly pear shaped, with a peel of varying white, yellow and green hues. Enclosed by a thick rind, the firm, light-pink flesh can be enjoyed as is, squeezed into juice, or otherwise processed (its high levels of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium are worth mentioning here). In terms of taste, the following rule of thumb applies: the wrinklier the peel, the sweeter the fruit; the firmer the peel the tarter the taste. If you believe the lore, Montgomery Collins – forefather of Monkey 47 – tried his first honey pomelo while visiting a kibbutz in the 70s, and he was so excited that he brought the fruit right back to his Black Forest kitchen.

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