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Tales from the Black Forest - The Star Village

One Fairytale, Eight Stars, and 240 Finkbeiners - Baiersbronn

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Gourmets are familiar with the name Baiersbronn. Two large establishments - the Traube in Tonbach and the Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn-Mitteltal - have three Michelin stars each. In the district of Schwarzenberg, there is another chef with two stars at the Hotel Sackmann. So Baiersbronn can truly be referred to as the "Star Village." So it comes as no surprise to see just how many luxury cars there are around the gourmet temple in the town center of Baden-Baden.
But Baiersbronn has much more to offer: more space for example. After Stuttgart, it is the second-largest municipality in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, and the largest in the Black Forest. Whereas more than 2,900 inhabitants share one square kilometer in the capital city, the people of Baiersbronn revel in their freedom: They have only 82 inhabitants per square kilometer. There was also plenty of space in a building in the upper village of Baiersbronn. A preservation order prevented the empty building from being demolished, and finally, it became home to Wilhelm Hauff's Fairytale Museum, where old editions of his stories, heart-shaped stones, and ancient glass artifacts are on display. A theme was required for the museum, and Hauff's fairytale "The Cold Heart" suited Baiersbronn because charcoal makers, rafters, and glass-blowers, which are mentioned in the fairytale, also lived there. A relative of Hauff is also believed to have lived nearby. Hauff's father-in-law, Johann Georg Klumpp, was a rich woodland owner and could have been the person on whom the fairytale's cold Dutchman Michel was based.
Klumpp is a very common surname in Baiersbronn. For centuries, the men of this remote village went "into the valley" in search of a bride. Today, there are 136 entries for "Klumpp" in the telephone directory. The surnames "Gaiser" und "Finkbeiner" each have an incredible 240 entries, one of which - and this is where we come full circle - belongs to the family that owns the Traube in Tonbach.

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