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Batch CCLXXVIII. Schwarzwald, Wednesday October 05, 2022 NO. 47
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The Mother of All Medical Dramas

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Let us pause for a moment and consider what the rest of the world knows of our beautiful Black Forest. First of all, there’s the cuckoo clock, a timepiece that signals the hour not with a living cuckoo but with its familiar call. Or the Bollenhut, that iconic hat with its red woolen pompoms - like cherries atop the traditional Black Forest costume. We rave about the foolish antics of carnival, joining in with our own “Narri, Narro!” The region is beloved by hikers, bikers and those just looking to relax, and the restorative powers of our many spas and the forest itself promise optimal health to residents and visitors alike. While we’re on the subject of health, we must consider yet another of the Black Forest’s well-known exports – Die Schwarzwaldklinik. One of the most successful German television series of all time, this is a clinic where success is measured not just in terms of health, but also in terms of media impact. Until 1989, Die Schwarzwaldklinik kept millions (sometimes as many as 28 million!) riveted to their television sets. And who wouldn’t gladly take a trip down memory lane at the thought of the head physician? We’re referring, of course, to Professor Klaus Brinkmann (aka Klausjürgen Wussow). The audience swoons. He can only be outdone by Sascha Hehn. Sorry, Dr. Udo Brinkman. Oh, the intrigues that took place in the hallways of this clinic in the Glottertal. Hot tempers collided. Reconciliation followed conflict; marriage followed divorce. Even perfectly healthy fans journeyed to the set just to watch Junior (i.e. Sascha Hehn) hop into his VW convertible with his characteristic nonchalance. We should also mention that the series had an impact on Black Forest tourism. If the producer, that gruff Berliner Wolfgang Rademann, ever wants to build on his previous success, count us in. And not just in front of the television. We monkeys would love to visit the clinic and raise a glass to the local head physician – from one Black Forest resident to another. Instead we offer up our toast in spirit with the words “Hello, Dr. B” ringing in our ears.

Cheers Schwarzwaldklinik!

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