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Batch CLXXIII. Schwarzwald, Friday June 21, 2024 NO. 47
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Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut 2023

Acer saccharum - Maple syrup

Same same, but different – actually, hold on a minute. After so many years, why don’t we spare you the detailed introduction and just briefly formulate the essentials: botanical curiosity, obsessive pursuit of unparalleled quality, numerous expeditions on the hunt for exotic aromas, Species Rara – et voilà, Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut!

Since we went in search of the good stuff close by last year and found that one special ingredient right outside the gates of the Black Forest’s most famous distillery, we decided to step out our front door once more. This time, however, we just kept on stepping and ended up finding our mysterious 48th ingredient 7,000 kilometres away. Allow us to introduce you to…Acer saccharum – better known as maple syrup! And if you're still wondering what the exact location could be at such a long distance, we’ll tell you: it’s Canada.

The second largest country in the world, this diverse, modern, peaceful and warm-hearted nation captivates with the pristine, breath-taking beauty of its natural wilderness. This is precisely where the latest Species Rara comes from – from Canadian maple trees.
Legend has it that long ago, when a grizzled hunter from just such a place returned home one day, he noticed a sweet, aromatic scent wafting from the cooking hearth: his wife had apparently used rainwater from a hollowed-out trunk underneath a maple tree. When the two then discovered that their food also tasted sweet, a light went on. From then on, the sap was heated on stones to produce a thick, delicious syrup.

Nowadays, maple tree sap is automatically pumped into tankers that bring the raw material to central production facilities where it is boiled down to syrup – a relatively natural product to which nothing else is added. In this context, a common, uniform classification system has been in place since 2016 for both the USA and Canada. Syrup is graded by the amount of yellow light that shines through it, with the general rule being that lighter is better, as the aroma is finer and milder. A dark syrup, on the other hand, has harsher, stronger notes.

And so we went in search of the best maple syrup with our Canadian colleagues, who told us the trees are tapped in spring during the thaw – or more precisely, when the starch stored in the trees turns into sugar. At harvest time, the producers drill a hole in the bark and attach a tap, allowing the maple sap to flow out. Once enough has collected in a container, it goes to a “sugar house” for further processing. Of course, only the finest stuff has found its way into this year’s Distiller’s Cut.

The journey led us to the renowned sugar bush of the Cosman & Webb Farm, established in 1977, in the Eastern Townships of southern Quebec. For nearly half a century, they have been dedicated to producing the finest, purest, and organic maple syrup. Today, the ancient forest and fertile soils are home to an abundance of thriving animal and plant species; it is a sanctuary of biodiversity, a place of beauty, and is now cherished by a third generation.

We devise a complex, time-consuming maceration and distillation procedure just once each year to produce our exclusive Distiller’s Cut. It embodies our effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible when you turn carefully selected botanicals into a limited edition that thrills the senses and sets the hearts of barkeepers and gin enthusiasts to racing.

The 2023 Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut is a spicy and elegant dry gin that features a delicate, sweet note with a hint of caramel against a background of exceptional density and complexity. It’s a remarkable taste experience, and not only for those who appreciate the refined aroma of maple syrup. Cheers!

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