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Batch CXLIII. Schwarzwald, Wednesday May 22, 2024 NO. 47
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MONKEY 47 Experimentum Series : 2y09

Rome – MONKEY 47, Hazelnut, cacao


The art of distillation goes hand in hand with chasing aromas and rendering them in liquid form – although alcohol is merely the medium, not the actual goal of the process. Meanwhile, the world of spirits is divided into categories rather than sensory components and the possibilities associated with them. It’s a form of conditioning that stands in contrast to our obsession with variety and innovation.

Why do distillates and spirits have to fit into a particular category? What’s wrong with forging down other paths, challenging current technologies and traditions, and contemplating the world of aromas from another perspective? To answer these specific questions, we've expanded our facilities to include the Monkey 47 Booze Lab.

The purpose of the Booze Lab is to push the envelope of what's possible in sensory terms by continuing to explore diverse aromas and ways to capture them in alcohol with alternative distillation and culinary techniques. In our Experimentum Series, we bring to market some of these experiments in extraordinary “spirit blends” based on Monkey 47 several times every year in editions that are limited to no more than 500 bottles each. These blends combine cutting-edge vacuum distillation with alternative methods of aroma extraction, making each of them an authentic flavour experience that defies categorisation.

2y09 : Rome
One of the most important European capitals, Rome is the city with the greatest concentration of historical and architectural monuments in the world. In addition to its cultural and historical significance, it stands for la dolce vita and exceptionally good cuisine. The "sweet life" is also reflected in numerous desserts and delicacies – including one crunchy little morsel that promises the Monkey a little kiss…

Lab notes – for those wanting to know more…
Considered the true queen of nuts, the hazelnut is just as unmistakable as the excellent flavour it develops after roasting. Fresh nuts are usually harvested at the end of August, when the fall from the trees. After being stored, the nuts are cracked, gently roasted, and then shelled. That incomparable taste finds its way into our macerate, which is refined with raw cacao beans before the final distillation.

Tasting notes
Monkey 47 Experimentum Series 2y09 is a unique gin with a tangy, refined, nutty flavour that adds a hint of nougat to the cacao. It’s a taste experience that’s one-of-a-kind and made for true connoisseurs who don’t mind pushing the boundaries of what seems sensorially feasible.

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